Investment Strategy Roundtable

Investment Strategy Roundtable

Co-Chair: Rob Becker
Co-Chair: Michael Giudice
Co-Chair: Vincent Leung

The NYSSA Investment Strategy Roundtable meets monthly to discuss topics important to all market participants. Whether it’s debating the Eurozone sovereign outcome, movements in rates and currency markets, China hard landing fears, or digging into details on volatility strategies and discussing market technicals, you’ll be sure to find a fresh perspective from joining our discussion. Guided by a formal cross-market agenda and slide deck, the group traverses topics from a macro perspective, drilling down into specific areas of interest to our group?s portfolio managers, traders, analysts, and academics. The roundtable’s composition is quite diverse, which ensures a lively interaction that is guaranteed to both educate and challenge you and bring to light myriad useable trading strategies.

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