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Since 1937, the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA) has provided the premier forum for the exchange of investment information among corporate executives and financial analysts, portfolio managers, and others involved in the investment decision-making process.

Our Mission & History

NYSSA is located at 1540 Broadway, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10036. Directions are available here.

NYSSA’s programs are held at midtown Manhattan locations. For specific venues and directions, visit the Upcoming Programs page, and CFA and Professional Development course pages.

You become a CFA Charterholder by passing each of the three levels of the CFA exam, and by then meeting certain work experience requirements. Visit our Become a CFA Charterholder page. Also, visit the CFA Institute website, or email CFA Institute at; CFA Institute administers the CFA exam, and awards the CFA Charter.


NYSSA offers six different membership classifications, each with particular requirements. Click here to see membership classifications and requirements.

Applicants can download an application form, request to have one mailed to you by emailing, or pick one up at the NYSSA office.

NYSSA’s Regular and Affiliate members must also become members of the CFA Institute, the global organization comprised of more than 135 financial analyst societies. You may apply either to NYSSA or CFA Institute, who will forward your application to the other organization. NYSSA and CFA Institute each bill and collect their dues separately. If you do not wish to also become a member of CFA Institute, you may want to consider joining NYSSA as an Associate Member. Click here for more information on this category of membership.

You need two sponsors to become a NYSSA member: one must be a Regular NYSSA member, the other should be your immediate supervisor. If you are self-employed, two Regular Members of NYSSA can sponsor you.

NYSSA’s annual dues are $225, and there is a one-time application fee of $100. Retired and Student members pay reduced dues. CFA Institute will bill you separately for their annual dues.

IMPORTANT: Registering with CFA Institute for the CFA exam, or with NYSSA for a CFA review course, does not qualify you for CFA Institute or NYSSA membership; you must apply separately for membership.

One of the most valued benefits of membership is access to others in the investment community. Through participation at NYSSA’s programs, members gain admission to a large network of associates, senior investment professionals, and corporate executives, affording them unparalleled networking opportunities.

In addition, NYSSA members receive:

  • Special member rates on all conferences and seminars, webcasts, professional development courses, CFA courses and other programs, reflecting a substantial savings on tuition and registration fees.
  • Complimentary subscription to our e-newsletters and The Finance Professionals” Post.
  • Free access to an online Member Directory.
  • Free access to job search and career development resources.
  • Numerous special offers for members.
  • Discounts on publications, services, entertainment tickets, and more.

Click here for a full description of member benefits.

An individual whose membership in NYSSA has lapsed for FIVE years or less may reinstate it by requesting the reinstatement in writing, to NYSSA’s Membership Department. (An individual whose membership has lapsed more than five years must submit a new application and related paperwork.)

The individual will then receive a letter acknowledging his/her request to reinstate, an invoice for a full year’s dues plus a $50 reinstatement fee, and a Member Information Form, which must be filled out completely and signed. Note: NYSSA’s membership year runs June 1 – May 31; dues are NOT pro-rated.

Once NYSSA receives the completed Member Information Form and full payment, membership will be reinstated. NYSSA will also send the Member Information Form to CFA Institute for their records.

Besides attending NYSSA programs, courses and networking events, NYSSA members have the opportunity to serve on any of the fourteen member committees, a great way to contribute to NYSSA while getting to know more of your peers and industry leaders.

Contact CFA Institute at (800) 247-8132 or (434) 951-5499, or email Once CFA Institute has processed your status change, they will notify both societies.

Visit the CFA Institute website for a list of societies in the US and abroad. For more information, contact the society directly, or contact CFA Institute at

Student Membership is available to those who are matriculating toward a bachelors or masters degree in finance, business or other related fields. For further information, read about the student membership benefits and requirements.

The best way to change your address is to update your profile on the NYSSA website. Click here to update your record.

Alternatively, change of address may be sent to NYSSA:

Mail: 1540 Broadway, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10036
Fax: (212) 541-4677

When sending changes to NYSSA, please include your full name, membership number, or as much information about your previous address as possible so we are certain to update the appropriate record.

The entire website is accessible to NYSSA members, as a member benefit. Certain pages require members to log in with a username and password. If you do not know your username and password, visit Our Login Page or contact the NYSSA office at 212-541-4530 for assistance.

The areas of the website that are available to members only include the ability to search the online Member Directory; free viewing of NYSSA TV videos; free access to the job postings, career development resources, and other web-based benefits.

Continuing Education and CFA Review Courses

NYSSA offers evening and intensive review courses to help candidates prepare for all levels of the CFA exam. We also help to organize CFA study groups. Each Fall, we also offer finance and accounting courses to help candidates strengthen their core knowledge in preparation for their CFA exam studies. Visit our Courses page for more information or email us at for additional information.

NYSSA offers a wide range of finance and investment  professional development courses throughout the year. These include evening classes, half-day courses, workshops on Private Wealth Management and more. More information can be found on our Professional Development page.


A list and agendas of upcoming conferences, seminars and other investment and career development programs is available on our Upcoming Programs page, or refer to our Monthly SmartBrief Newsletter.

NYSSA programs are generally held at a location in midtown Manhattan. For more information on a specific program’s location, please visit the Upcoming Programs and select a specific program from the list. Location information is presented on each program page. Click here for directions to our program locations.

NYSSA offers webcasts of select programs and conferences. An archived webcast can be viewed for each of the industry conferences and topical conferences listed on the NYSSA TV page. All Industry Conference webcasts are free for NYSSA members.

Career Development and Job Search

NYSSA members have access to job postings through NYSSA’s Career Center.

NYSSA is committed to educating and informing investment professionals, which includes programs and services on job search skills. Our career services are described in the Career Center section and include :

  • Career Chats and other presentations on career development: visit the Career Programs page.
  • Monthly morning and evening networking events. Visit the Career Programs page.
  • Access to career coaches, resume writers, and professional “headshot” photographers.
  • NYSSA’s Job Center:
    • Free and confidential resume posting
    • Automated weekly email notifications of new job listings
    • Ability to save jobs for future review


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