Volunteer Leadership Groups

CFA Society New York Volunteer Leadership Groups are communities of like-minded individuals who share professional interests, build networks, and exchange actionable ideas. Many long term, trusting, and profitable relationships are built within these groups.

The new group year begins September 1, but members may join at any time. Members may join any number of groups.

Why Join a Group?

Joining an interest group connects you to a community of professionals in your field who share their time, talent, and knowledge. Volunteering on a group heightens your visibility as a vital participant in your profession and contributes to your professional development. Other benefits include :

  • Sharing information and ideas with a network of your peers.
  • Developing professional relationships and strengthening ties in the investment community.
  • Enhancing your leadership skills and expanding your network through contacts with speakers and other leading professionals.
  • Building expertise within your field.

What Does Group Membership Involve?

Each group may have a different focus. Agendas include :

  • Building relationship with related organizations on Wall Street.
  • Interacting with CFA Institute to help shape Capital Market Policy.
  • Providing leadership in the industry.
  • Provide support to groups such as veterans.
  • Planning conferences by curating event themes and inviting industry leading speakers.
  • Publishing research.
  • Supporting NYSSA via volunteering to guide membership and policy decisions.
Join a Group