I currently live/work over 100 miles from New York City and would like to join NYSSA

Membership Type: Virtual

NYSSA Virtual MembershipTM is a NYSSA-only membership type. To become a Virtual member you must reside at least 100 miles from our headquarters in New York City, and fill out an application by clicking on the Join Now button above. Virtual members have access to online member content, but for in-person events, Virtual members will be charged the non-member rate.

Join this group if the below statements pertain to you:

  • I want to view NYSSA’s programs online
  • I want to network with other members online
  • I live beyond 100 miles of NYSSA’s midtown Manhattan headquarters.


*NYSSA Annual dues $100
One-time non-refundable application fee $25
Total $125

*NYSSA membership runs on a 12 month cycle. Membership is up for renewal the following year on the first day of the month you joined. Annual dues are not prorated.

Please note: You must login or create a website profile in order to join as a Virtual Member.

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