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Registration is Open For the Level I December 2016 and the Level I, II, III June exam.

Joining a study group is an effective resource in preparing for the CFA® exam.

Study Group Coordinators: Essential to the CFA Program

If you are committed to passing the CFA exams, consider signing up for a NYSSA study group. These free, informal, educational groups have helped hundreds of CFA candidates pass the exam at all three levels. Candidates report that the study groups are an invaluable aid to surviving the exam preparation process. Each study group contains from five to fifteen motivated professionals and typically meets once a week after normal working hours or over the weekend.

The advantages of joining a study group are numerous. Each group will have a cross-section of people from various disciplines such as equity research, accounting, and fixed income to provide members with a wide range of experience when working with difficult concepts. The weekly meetings help candidates stay organized and on schedule. The group also provides camaraderie throughout a difficult and stressful experience. Members often form lifelong business and personal relationships.

You can also volunteer to be a leader of a study group when you register. There are some benefits to being a study group leader: 1) You commit yourself to staying on schedule; 2) You choose the place where the group meets; and 3) Successful group leaders are recognized by their peers and NYSSA for their professionalism and assistance to their fellow candidates.

A leader provides a professional location for the group meetings and, at a minimum, leads the first study session. Although every leader’s style and contributions can, and will differ, successful group leaders often take the initiative by setting the study pace and tone of their group. For further information on becoming a leader, please see our Study Group Leader page.

Each study group is comprised of five to fifteen people and meets an average of once a week.

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